Training Program

Level Evaluation

In order to put together a personal program for customers which meets their unique requirements, customers are evaluated to determine their level of English. This evaluation includes a questionnaire and a personal interview in English.

Each program is reviewed from time to time to ensure it is still relevant, and it is flexible and designed according to the customer's progress and changing level in English.


Training Programs for Groups of Employees

EZ English offers an eight-hour group seminar that goes over the most common daily expressions in English, etiquette, common inter-cultural manners and customs, how to present slide shows in English and stand before an audience, tips for formal and informal communication, and a review of relevant professional terms in English, as required.

This seminar day is given to groups of employees who have frequent working contact with colleagues at international companies overseas, for whom the use of English is a must.


Personal Training Program

In understanding that deals are made between people, and that communication and relations between people have great significance and are sometimes decisive in closing deals, EZ English offers a unique training program which guides business people, at all levels, according to their own requirements. As part of the plan, we emphasize the following points:


  1. Reinforcing English proficiency: Increasing self-confidence in oral expression, empowering interpersonal communication capabilities, and familiarity with common daily expressions.
  2. Familiarity with various inter-cultural approaches and adapting business approaches according to the customer's work environment: basic familiarity with inter-cultural differences and gaps, emphasizing arenas where the customer does business, and adapting business approaches accordingly.
  3. Standing up and speaking in English in front of an audience: raising self- confidence in oral expression and understanding various intercultural approaches, developing and strengthening the customer's skills to speak in front of an audience in English while focusing on the differences in speaking before an audience that is not Israeli.
  4. Work on a presentation practically adapted and directed for a particular deal and work environment (approach strategies): imparting practical tips to get across effective messages using a slide show, and adapting the way messages are conveyed according to the customer's target audience.