Our Services

Preparing and Presenting Presentations in English

  1. Creating presentations properly and professionally
  2. Wording and editing presentation slides efficiently and succinctly
  3. Developing skills in presenting and speaking in front of an audience in English
  4. Practicing presenting a slide show presentation for a group/individual


Ongoing Support

Out of understanding that international business is likely to be continuously demanding, dynamic and requiring constant attention on a permanent basis, and not just a one-time event, we offer ongoing support and personal guidance at all times in several areas:

  1. Preparation for business meetings in English
  2. Preparation of and/or reviewing already existing presentations in English, and drills in how to present them.
  3. Simulated conference calls and meetings in English
  4. Wording of official business documents and e-mail correspondence in English.
  5. Enrichment of customer's professional-business vocabulary
  6. Enrichment of familiarization with common daily expressions,
    and concepts
  7. Special preparations for business trips to specific countries/cities


Translation Services

EZ English offers professional translation services in a variety of fields:

  1. Business contracts
  2. Professional documents
  3. Business programs
  4. Resumes
  5. Company websites
  6. Business e-mail correspondence
  7. Presentations